Mission Statement

Shenanigator Entertainment works to make booking, performing, and experiencing high quality live music across all genres as simple as possible. We support artists by making booking less complicated, and providing marketing, and management services. We support venues by making it easier for them to book high level talent. We support the public by always providing high quality entertainment. We do all of this with integrity and a focus on the music.


Core Values

  1. We support high quality live music
  2. The satisfaction of both our clients and artists is the backbone of our company
  3. Our focus is on collaboration with artists, venues, and other companies to bring quality music to as many people as possible.
  4. We will not be confined by traditional entertainment and music business models and will work to meet the needs of both our clients and artists



Shenanigator Entertainment was founded in 2015 by our owner, Steve Schlegel, after several years of successful band management Steve wanted to do more.  He had a vision of how the process of booking, playing, and attending live music shows could be simplified.  So, with a few leads and three bands to work with Shenanigator Entertainment was born.  Today we are proud to work with over 30 artists from a wide variety of musical genres.  We provide both complete and partial booking and management services to artists from genres including but not limited to Celtic, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Classical, and Indie Rock.  We are booking in both large and small venues, from festivals to private parties, and can work with almost any size budget.  In the fall of 2016 we launched our “Small Event, Live Music” services making it easy and affordable for fans to book high quality live music for private functions including weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and more.  Looking to the future, we will continue to grow and develop new and innovative ways to bring fans and performers of high quality live music together.